Estate and retirement planning

Estate Planning

The protection of family wealth and effective inheritance tax planning is important to all our clients. We offer specialist advice on will planning and lifetime gifting to achieve your aims for future generations and to minimise your estate‚Äôs inheritance tax exposure. We provide tax efficient solutions on the structure of the ownership/disposal of assets and liabilities and work with the solicitors preparing tax efficient wills.

We recognise, however, that estate planning is not solely about tax and we adopt a common sense approach, helping to ensure your own personal, as well as financial needs, are achieved.

Retirement Planning

For many people, ensuring they have sufficient funds to live comfortably in their retirement is high on their list of priorities. We can assist you in developing a strategy to meet those needs in the years leading up to retirement and can plan to ensure the maximization of funds for this purpose.

We can provide advice and assistance on the following:

  • Ensuring adequate pension provision and the right type of pension for your circumstances
  • Tax efficient use of pension allowances
  • Exit strategy for your business whether it is leaving it for the next generation or selling your business
  • Tax efficient strategy for disposing of assets